Employer Info

Are you looking for top candidates who have Marketo skills and experience? Marketo Career Connect is your answer, a job board that connects Marketo customers with capable, proficient candidates.

Marketo Career Connect makes it easy to meet today’s most qualified applicants. Whether your company is a large enterprise with dedicated recruiting systems, or a small consultancy that relies on informal recruiting methods, you’ll appreciate how Marketo Career Connect gets your job listings in front of the right audience.

Marketo Career Connect is available only to companies that use Marketo. This free service helps you find competent, effective employees and verify that they are Marketo Certified Professionals.

Job Postings

  • Use Marketo Career Connect to manage the application process, or redirect applicants to your company’s recruiting system.
  • Add screening questions to your posting to help identify top candidates.
  • Easily verify whether job applicants are Marketo Certified Professionals.
  • Use our applicant tracking features to message applicants, add notes to applicants, and forward applicant information to other staff members within your organization.

Résumé Search

  • Search for passive candidates through our résumé database.
  • Organize résumés into folders and add recruiting notes.
  • Contact a candidate and provide a link to an existing job, if desired.

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